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Vacation rentals in Cape Coral

House 08 - Villa Hemingway

Summer special
2 King  1 Queen  2 Single
3824 sqft
Gulf Access Canal

Modern Luxury Vacation Home - Awesome View Above the (Saltwater) Spreader Canal in Southwest Cape Coral

Incredible views from the roof top above the canal to Sanibel Causeway Brdige and the Gulf of Mexico
Very quiet private back yard area on the Spreader Canal with views above and into the mangroves and no neighbors across the canal.
This is the house to sit back and relax!
The ideal place for golfers and people, who are active during the day - to enjoy the beautiful sunsets.

Carpets on the first floor will be replaced with PVC-floors on the first floor in December 2023, 2nd floor carpet in the bedroom will be replaced in April 2024


2 miles / 40 min. walking to Cape Harbour with life entertainment, nice restaurants, bars and a marina

* Maximum guests allowed: 8 plus toddler
* 3,824 sq ft living under air
* 4 Bedrooms, 2 king, 1 queen, 2 single
* 4 Baths

* Desk

* Living room with large flat-screen TV
* Stereo
* Open kitchen
* high-speed WLAN

* Oversized pool (34 x 15.6 ft/10,36 x 4,75 m) with electric heater
* large paranorama view from the rooftop area
* BBQ-grill
* Washing machine, dryer and 2-car garage with beach cooler, sunbrella and beach chairs

* Bedding and towels as well as hairdryer are provided
* Dock - there is plenty of space to tie up your boat - please note that the boat-lift dos not belong to the rental agreement

* No smoking 
* Sorry, no pets

2 Children up to 12 years of age stay free of charge! The max. occupancy is 6 guests total.

Net rental in USD per Week + 11.5% taxes


2 Guests

3 Guests

4 Guests

5 Guests

6 Guests

7 Guests**

8 Guests**

1 May until 22 Dec. 2023* /20 Dec. 2024








23 Dec 2023 / 21 Dec. 2024* - 30 April








 *10% Discount for 4 weeks bookings -
  low season only
** *only on request








Minimum Rental Time

7 nights, pref. from Sat-Sat - During Easter/Christmas vacation time 20% Easter/Christmas surcharge

Cleaning Fee USD 250 up to 6 guests, 7 guests or more USD 300 + 11.5% tax
Electric Fee USD 0.20/Kwh + 11.5% tax
BBQ Cleaning
USD 50 
Refundable Security Deposit USD 800 (fully refundable)
Down Payment 50% of the net rental - for bookings > USD 6,000 we ask for 2 down payments.
Due Dates: Down payment is due within 1 week after conclusion of the contract, 2nd down if requested, 12 weeks ahead of arrival and final payment 6 weeks ahead of of arrival
Payment Methods:

Payments may be made by wire transfer

Rental rates might be changed without notice. Price changes will not apply to existing contracts, with the exemption of cleaning and electric fees and taxes.





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= Confirmed
= Check In/Out
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Terms and Conditions

  1. Contracting Parties
    The rental agreement (consisting of agreement and confirmation showing the rental period of the rental property and the address) is concluded between the guest/renter who is minimum 25 years of age and the intermediaries Heidi Strohschein and Juergen Kroeger who act on behalf of the owner and - in case of renting their own house - on their own behalf. The contract is about the privately owned vacation house as shown and described on the above mentioned website of the intermediaries. The agreement is valid with one signature of the intermediaries on the agreement. The house owner is responsible for all information supplied on the website. Any exemptions to the terms and conditions must be approved in writing in advance. Should the owner privately use closets, boat lifts or garages and it is not mentioned on the website the renter is not entitled to claim a refund of rent. Boat lifts and boats or other vehicles shown on pictures do never automatically belong to the house rental contract. Boats cannot be rented through the intermediaries Heidi Strohschein and Juergen Kroeger, we rent privately owned vacation rental houses only. It might be the case the owner uses a part of the garage for a car or storage. There is no guarantee that the renter's car fits into the garage. Most houses have a privately used and locked closet. This is known and accepted by the renter.
  2. Rental Agreement
    The agreement is to be sent by e-mail or fax. Confirmed reservations are required for any rental agreement to be valid. The renter has to provide for the rental contract his full address, phone and cell phone number plus names and dates of births of all guests. To provide this information is mandatory to be able to book the house through Heidi Strohschein and Juergen Kroeger who act and rent the house on behalf of the owner/s. The renter confirms he accepts this policy. Personal information will only be used for this contract and not handed over to anyone else. The only exception is if authorities are asking for such information (e.g. in case of an emergency). Any rental agreement is independent and not connected with any other contracts like flight tickets or travel insurances. In case of changes regarding guests' name there is no fee as long as the same amount of guests will stay as originally stated. Should you add guest and the rental rate has to be changed there is an amendment fee of USD 90 + 11.5% tax (per amendment, not per guest). The address of the vacation house is mentioned on the top of the contract. The renter is obliged to double check the rental address and the rental rates before signing the contract which shows the address on top of the rental contract to make sure he rents the house he wants to rent. The renter has to avoid any misunderstandings possible due to similar names and addresses of rental houses. Rental rates shown on a rental agreement are binding. Changes have to be made if a pricing error is obvious and unmistakable and could have reasonably been recognized as a mispricing or calculation error. Further reasons for changing the contracts are adding additional guests or if new taxes, government or cleaning fees etc. are valid for the time booked. Prices are liable to change at any time, but rental rates changes will not affect agreements in respect of which we have already signed as a confirmation.
  3. Security Deposit
    The security deposit is a refundable amount established as a safeguard against property damage. The security deposit funds may be applied for supplemental cleaning if the property manager determines that you did not leave the property neat and tidy, and in broom clean condition for the housekeeping staff. Security deposits are refunded within approximately 1-6 weeks of the departure date by check to guests from the US and Canada and by transfer to European guests. The renter makes sure the correct full address including zip code is supplied for the rental contract to avoid any problems sending the deposit back by mail. European guests please provide the IBAN number and the exact name of the owner of the account. Security deposit is not meant to be for any electric payments. Should a security deposit have been reimbursed unconditionally it does not rule out the option of asserting damage.
  4. Payments
    In order to reserve any rental property for the renter, intermediaries must receive the signed agreement. The renter arranges the down payment mentioned in the contract within 1 week of initial reservation. Both the deposit and the payment of the balance due including the security deposit will be transferred - as stated in the contract - 6 weeks ahead of arrival. Late reservations - confirmed within 6 weeks of the planned arrival date - will require payment in full. Payments are not accepted on arrival. The intermediaries / the owner have the right to cancel the contract if payments are late. Failure to pay balance when due will result in cancelation of reservation and loss of deposit. You will still be liable for the balance due. The intermediaries are entitled to cancel the contract if the renter does not make the payments according to the contract. All transfer fees have to be paid by the renter.
  5. Extra Charges
    Extra charges not included in the contract are as follows:
    1. Electric fees: The renter has to pay electric fee according to price list valid at the time of the stay. The property manager and the renter read the meter during check-in and check-out and keep a written notice. Electric fee has to be paid cash to the property manager during check out. Renters staying longer than 3 weeks have to make interims payments for electric fee after 3 weeks and then after every 2 weeks in cash to the property manager. Deposit is not meant to be to deduct any electric fees. Please note that it is recommended to close doors and windows to avoid costs. High usage of the whirlpool will also cause additional electric power consumption.
    2. If the cleaning service needs to clean the grill, there is an extra charge to be paid directly to the property manager. We recommend that you always clean the grill after use for hygienic reasons.
    3. Additional mid-stay/interims cleaning fee has to be paid directly to the property manager.
    4. Re-booking fees may occur as stated on the above mentioned website.
  6. Check-in / Check-out
    4 p.m. is the earliest allowed check-in time. This allows the housekeepers to complete their cleaning duties. The keys will be in the key box at the house from 4 p.m. for your convenience to enter the house in case of late arrival. Some houses do have a door lock that operates directly with the code. About 5-10 days prior to the stay the renter receives detailed house information and the code to access the key lock box or to be entered into the door lock. It is the renters responsibility to contact the intermediaries if the information is needed earlier and also - if for whatever reason - he will have not received any information to get access to the house 4 days prior to the arrival at the latest. You will find a notice about the time of the check-in on the kitchen counter. The renter will contact the property manager at least 2 days date prior to departure to make an appointment to be checked out. Check-in and check-out before you leave is mandatory for ALL ADULT guests. There is plenty of information supplied important to all guests. The house has to be broom clean when the renter leaves the house. The renter puts all dirty dishes into the dishwasher and starts it. Towels are washed by the renter during the stay, excepted are the towels used directly before departure. Towels used on the final day and also beddings - which should in any case stay on the beds - are going to be washed by the cleaning staff. Should the renter leave the house without any check-out with the property manager he will be hold fully responsible for all damages. If the renter leaves the house without any checkout with/confirmed by the property manager the full deposit will be forfeited.
  7. Pets
    Absolutely no pets allowed in the house or on the premises, this includes the garden.
  8. Smoking
    Smoking is strictly prohibited. This house is a non-smoking, allergy-friendly house. You understand that smoking inside, on the lanai or near open windows or a door is prohibited and any violation will result in forfeiture of all deposit and be subject to additional damages, also caused by using candles, e.g. for special chair, floor, lanai cleaning from ash stains, burned chairs, repainting the lanai area, etc. Smoking is permitted on the open pool deck and dock only. Please us ashtrays, also on the dock. Proper disposal of butts is expected. Please do not throw them into the canal! Houses with no outdoor kitchen: No BBQing/grilling on the grill or fire pits / fire tables underneath the lanai. All deposit will be forfeited.
  9. No Wheelchair and no Walker Access
    The house is not accessible to wheelchairs of any size as it has either small hallways and/or steps. Wheelchairs & walkers have to stay in the garage and are not allowed to be used in the house, despite you get a written confirmation from Heidi Strohschein and Juergen Kroeger.
  10. Condition of the House - Repairs and Damage
    The renter agrees to maintain the house in the condition it was in at the time he took possession and to assume responsibility for any loss or damage beyond normal wear and tear. The renter will leave the house broom clean, i.e. that no extraordinary housekeeping will be required after the departure (as mentioned under #6). Please notify the property manager about any kind of damage or defects occurring upon arrival within 24 hours. The renter agrees to both notify and reimburse for all necessary and reasonable repairs, replacement for damage or destruction of property caused by the renter or his guests, or for extra cleaning required. We recommend you take out property damage liability insurance. The renter agrees in case of official severe weather warnings, like hurricanes, big storms or tornadoes - if he does not put himself into any danger - to get outdoor furniture inside the house or garage and to put electrical roll down shutters down, if there are some. In accordance with the law, excessive noise (i.e. noise exceeding the generally recognized limits) is prohibited at any time. The renter and his guests have to refrain from making any noise at night between 10 p.m. - 7 a.m. Please avoid to disturbing the peace of the neighbors. Do not exceed 55 dBA according Cape Coral Police Dept., i.e. neighbors should not hear any noise on their properties. To respect the neighbors full nudity is not permitted, female guests are asked not appear topless in the pool area. Service staff usually gets to the property without notice. Pool area must not be locked. Renters comply with parking regulations and show consideration to neighbors. Dispose of garbage has to be in accordance with the usual practice at the property. Renters abide by any order issued by police or any regulation authority and refrain from engaging in any illegal, drunken, offensive or obscene behavior. Renters are responsible for guests and visitors. Due to health and safety and fire regulations guests must not sleep on couches. If you wish to add an inflatable queen-size bed, please ask the property manger. Some owners do not allow any extra beds. Furniture is not to be moved and only outdoor furniture is to be used outdoors. Re-tuning of the television/video system is not permitted. If re-tuning is necessary after such use, the guest will be required to pay any costs incurred.
  11. Special Hints – A/C, Gas for BBQ, Pool/Spa, Canal
    The A/C should never run below 75°F as it can freeze in. If this was the case the repair costs of min. USD 200 had to be paid by the renter and for at least 2 days A/C was out of order. The gas tanks may be used at your own risk. Please make sure the gas tank is always shut off while it is not in use. Some owners supply free of charge an additional tank. If a gas tank is empty, please inform the property management and put the empty tank (without the cap on top) into the garage, where you find a replacement tank. Should the owner not grant gas for free you get it e.g. at Lowes. Take the empty tank with you to return it and get a new one. Do not enter the sales buildings with a tank. We allow the hint that parents and guardians are responsible for the children. The pool may have unusual shapes and corners and integrated beach zones and steps and you might not expect them while you are swimming. Do not jump in the pool as it is not of the same depth throughout and not deep enough for safe jumps. The use of the pool is at your own risk. The renter is aware that not each and every pool or spa had a handrail. Due to several risks do not swim in the canal. The ladder is not meant to be as an invitation to swim in the canal. Please consider the before mentioned hints and give this information to all guests and children. Please make sure that children are never unattended. The renter will be hold responsible for all accidents or acts of god that may occur and for all damage caused, also caused by children. Pool service and other services (e.g. pest control) are to expect on a regular basis and have to get access to the pool area which never should be locked.
  12. Complaints and Objections
    Complaints and objections to the house have to be reported immediately to the property manager. Any kind of complaints or objections is against the owners and has to be submitted in written form on the day of occurrence to the property manager and to the intermedaries. The renter will allow, in case of defects or damage, a reasonable period of time to solve the problem. You rent a house with pool, eventually with spa and heater. No one guarantees any certain pool and/or spa temperature. In case of real cool temperatures the heater may shut off automatically to avoid any damage. In this case do not put the heater on again.
  13. Indemnification
    Use of the property, its contents, equipment and facilities are at your own risk. The guest shall indemnify and hold Property Owner and Property Manager free and harmless from any and all liability, claims, loss, damage or expenses arising by reason of any injury, death or property damage sustained by any person including guest(s) or guest of the guest, where such injury, death or property damage is caused by negligent or an intentional act of the guest or any guest of the renter. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, this agreement is binding and effective when no signature is required, and renter's affirmative assent to the terms is expressed by renter's reservation of the house. The renter agrees to release owner from and against all liability if the following matters occur: war, riots and civil commotions, pests, natural phenomena, vermin plagues, official orders, unexpected construction works, burglary, any kind of noises, use of swimming pool and whirlpool, A/C, heater or occasional internet outage, electrical power outage and water supply outage. The intermediary is not a travel agent and rents vacation homes on behalf of the owners only.
  14. Occupants/Maximum Number of People
    The renter understands that the rate was based on the number of guests represented during the reservations process. All guests have to be reported by name and date of birth. Any party falsely representing the number of people in the home or exceeding the number paid for may be subject to immediate eviction without refund. Over occupancy is considered a serious violation of this rental agreement. The intermediaries and the property manager have to be notified of short-term visitors staying overnight.
  15. Cancellation Policy
    Please note that we are a small operation renting without any exemption privately owned vacation rental homes. Because of our small size, cancelations affect us significantly and we cannot easily write off lost income from cancelations, as large hotels do. You as the renter, take responsibility of any loss due to your cancellation. To protect against the loss of your rental payments, travel insurance is strongly recommended. Should the renter cancel the contract the down payment will be forfeited. If you should have to cancel your booking, please inform us immediately by phone and by e-mail to get us the opportunity to be able to re-rent the time you have to cancel. The renter has to fulfil his/her duties according the contract and make the payment in full if the time cancelled could not be rented to someone else. If the house is re-rented for the same days cancelled a prorated refund will be given - deducted by the down payment. No refund will be given if property is not re-rented for the same days cancelled. Should the intermediaries cancel the contract due to late payment the down payment will be forfeited. With cancellation of the contract by the renter the remaining payment is still due and has to be paid. The renter may try to find a replacement guest and will inform Heidi Strohschein and Juergen Kroeger in that case. Non-observance of rules mentioned in nos. 4., 7., 8., 9., 10. and 14. of this rental terms may result in immediate eviction without refund and loss of deposit. Any violation of the non-smoking & no-pets rule will result to a extra cleaning fee of USD 500/case/pet. Should the property be made or determined uninhabitable under local laws and ordinances during the specified rental period for any reason whatsoever, including, but not limited to, so called "Acts of God" the landlord will return the funds paid by the guest and this rental agreement shall be rendered null and void for all parties. Should the house not be available due to the aforementioned reasons the owner/intermediaries may offer to accommodate the renter in another vacation house with similar or better standard without the necessity to change the contract. The owner / intermediaries are not obliged to offer another house in the before mentioned case. The intermediaries have absolutely no liability for damages. No refunds for early departures.
  16. Severe Weather Policy
    Cancellations or early departures due to inclement weather do not warrant any refund. This includes hurricanes, storms, tornadoes and any nature occurrences, even in the event of a mandatory evacuation. We point out again that you should take the chance to get your losses covered and to please purchase travel insurance from your insurance company.
  17. House Books / Information Brochures
    House Books and informative leaflets and brochures are meant for you and the following guests to support you during your stay and belong to the inventory. The agent or owners and subsidiaries cannot be hold responsible for the content.
  18. Passports, Visa, Foreign Currency Regulations and Health Regulations
    The renter is responsible for fulfilling all requirements and liable for all disadvantages resulting from any kind of non-observances.
  19. Legal Venue
    The legal venue for all disputes arising from this contract is Witten.
  20. Severability Clause
    If any section, subsection, paragraph, sentence, clause, or phrase of this agreement shall be declared invalid for any reason whatsoever, such decision shall not affect the remaining portions of this contract, which shall continue in full force and effect. The renter accepts the rental agreement. To this end the provisions of this contract are hereby declared to be severable.