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Vacation rentals in Cape Coral

FAQs - Q&As about renting vacation rental homes in Cape Coral with CapeCapeCoralRentalHouses.com

Please find below some information and links to websites focussing on our services and on offering our guests very nice luxury vacation rental homes to spending your perfect vacations


Additional Costs - No Hidden Costs!

  • Q: How much is the electric fee in a vacation rental house? How do I pay that?

    A: Saving energy at home is easy! Here are some tips: Please find under price information whether the owner grants an allowance and the costs per kWh + 11.5% tax you have to pay. As the costs you are looking at depend on your behaviour (e.g. whether you keep the doors and windows open while the airconditioning is running), on the outside temperature, how often you heat the spa etc, we cannot make any estimates. Please note that if you use the airconditioning during winter time as a heater it costs much more the in summer the airconditioning. In most cases the electric costs have to be paid to the property manager during check out. The individual information is on the website of each individual vacation rental home in Cape Coral that we offer. Please, even if you can afford the money for the energy you use while on vacation, do not waste any energy.
    Here are some energy-saving tips:
    Switch off the ceiling fan and lights when you are leaving the room.
    Use ceiling fans to cool off for less. Ceiling fans use no more electricity than a standard light bulb. However, be sure to turn fans off when you leave — they do not cool rooms, the only cool people.
    Close your exterior doors and windows when the AC is on.
    Choose a higher temperature on the A/C when you are not using the bedrooms/during the day.
    Lowering the thermostat before bed time. The cooling costs increase by up to 5% for every degree you lower the temperature! To use less air conditioning at night, turn on ceiling fans – they make you feel cooler (but are not cooling the house).
    Turn off bath and/or exhaust fans.

  • Q: How much is final cleaning for the vacation rental house and how do I pay for it? Can I do the final cleaning? Can I get an interims cleaning?

    A: Final Cleaning are costs that will be charged with the rental rate and shown in the contract + 11.5% tax. The amount is shown under price information. You have to leave the house broom-clean, please. If you wish to get an interims cleaning the property manager will be glad to arrange it for you.

  • Q: Do I have to pay for water that I will use in the vacation rental home?

    A: For the time being you do not have to pay anything for water, it is still free for our customers. Nevertheless, please be ware we are all living in a very fragile environment and you are going to spend your vacation in an area having already water restrictions.
    The outdoor shower is not meant to be running all day while the children are sitting underneath it and play.  Please keep in mind there are already water restrictions for Cape Coral, which can be increased during dry seasons.
    We kindly ask you not to waste any water.
    Please, use the minimum amount of water needed for a shower or a bath.
    Did you know? If you reduce a 10-minute shower to 5 minutes it could save 12.5 gallons = 47.3 liters.
    Do not let water run while shaving, brushing or washing.
    When doing laundry, always wash full loads.
    Only wash full loads of dishes in the dishwasher.

  • Q: Are there any hidden costs that are not mentioned?

    A: No, all occurring costs are mentioned on the website:
    there are final cleaning, electricity, security deposit (which will be returned). If you do not clean the BBQ grill there is a cleaning fee you will have to pay.

  • Calendar / Availability

    • Q: How do I know the availability of the vacation rental house I would like to rent?

      A: There is a calendar of each vacation rental home in Cape Coral that is offered by us, below the price information. The calendars are updated after every new booking, but we might be in the position just making another one, so please do not book any flights, trusting you get the vacation house, without having double checked with us by e-mail or over the phone. The contact information are under "contact". Please note that arrival and departure days are always NOT marked in the calendar. A booking will be marked as "pending" after the contract was signed. When the payment has been received the time will be shown as booked. Please note that most owners request a 1 week booking from Saturdays to Saturdays during peak season and 2 weeks during Easter and Christmas vacation time. Please ask for exemptions if you are unable to meet those requirements.

  • In Cape Coral - The Vacation Rental House - Access

    • Q: How do I get access to the vacation rental home I rent?

      A: There is a key lock box where the key will be stored on your arrival day. We are going to send you information about the location of the key lock box on the vacation rental home and the code for the key lock box. The code will be prepared in the afternoon of the arrival and the key will be put into the box then. Outsides lights will be on but in any case it is helpful to have a small flash light to see the numbers of the key lock box easier. Should you arrive late at the vacation rental home you will access.

    • Q: How and when do I get information about the vacation house, e.g. A/C, pool heater and pump?

      A: For every vacation rental house there is a check-in provided. You will get many information during check in by the property manager. Check-in is usually in the morning after your arrival day. The property manager will be glad to answer all questions that might occur.

    • Q: Does the property manager speak English? I am concerned as the renters are German.

      A: Yes, the property manager speaks English.

    • Q: Do I have to bring beddings and towels?

      A: No, all houses are equipped with bedding and towels, you have to bring your personal belongings only.

    • Q: When is check-in, when check-out in the vacation rental house in Cape Coral?

      A: Earliest check-in is 4 p.m., check- out is 10 a.m., i.e. not the check-in with the property manager, but when you can get access to the house and when you have to leave the house at the latest. Exceptions can only be agreed upon with the property manager. We ask for your understanding that no exceptions can be made for early check-in or late check-out when different parties are leaving /arriving the same day. The house has to be cleaned properly and takes its time. We kindly ask for your understanding that during cleaning due to insurance reasons no guests are allowed in the house. Storage of any kind of personal belongings is at your own risk. The "real" check-in and check-out will be done on appointment with the property manager. Check-in is usually in the morning after your arrival day. The property manager will be glad to answer all questions that might occur. Please be informed that renters who leave the house without any check-out appointment with the property manager takes all risks that may occur.

  • Location of the vacation rental house in Cape Coral, Florida  - Location of Cape Coral, Florida

    • Q: How close are the next airports, is it to restaurants, to the beac, gulf courses and shopping malls?

      A:  Cape Coral is in Southwest Florida. The international Airport Fort Myers can be reached within 30-40 minutes. From Miami International Airport you get here in approx. 2.5 hours. Restaurants are available within 3- max 10 minutes. You get to the closest beach within 2 - 15 minutes. There are several different golf courses in the area. Plenty of shopping malls are also in the area. Please find detailed information on our website.

  • Pets

    • Q: May I bring my pets?

      A: In most of the houses pets are not permitted, please ask if you have a little pet wether we can offer a vacation rental house for the time requested. We highly recommend not to bring any pet without our permit in writing.

  • Price Calculation / All in Price for Vacation Rental Houses

    • Q: How do I know how to calculate the rental rate? Can I get an all-inclusive price?

      A: You find the prices per week regarding the amount of possible guests under price information. If you wish to get the price for 12 days you take the weekly rate divide it by 7 and multiply it by 12. Please consider the amount and ages of the kids that stay for free. Additional kids have to pay full price, i.e. if 2 kids up to 12 stay for free and you travel with 4 kids, for 2 kids you have to pay. As we do not know how much power you will use, we are not able to give you an all-inclusive price. All costs have to be taxed with 11.5%.

    • Q: How much tax does occur?

      A: Currently 5% sales and 6% tourist tax, and 0.5 surtax on sales tax, i.e 11.5% in total are to be added to the net rental rates and all occurring costs for guests of vacation rental homes in Cape Coral.

  • Booking of a Vacation Home in Cape Coral

    • Q: How can I make a reservation?

      A: Should you wish to book a house, the following information is required, please:
      Arrival and departure day
      your full name
      your full address
      phone and cell-phone numbers
      names of all guests and their dates of births.

      We will prepare a contract, send it to you to sign it with the request to send it back preferable by e-mail. Then we sign it and return it to you.
      If you cannot confirm the booking immediately we can offer you to give you a call, if short-term another prospective guest is ready to book for the same time. Due to he high amount of inquiries, we cannot take any reservations.

  • Terms and Conditions

    • Q: Do I have to make a security deposit?

      A: Yes, you do have to. The amount is mentioned under the price list on the website of each individual vacation rental home.

    • Q: When do I get my security deposit back?

      A: We return it between 2 and 6 weeks after you left, depending on different information we have to receive from the property manager and the owner. Power usage will be deducted and if there are any damages you caused, we will check with the owner whether and how much to deduct. In any case we recommend to be insured for such cases. Return of the deposit will either be by check, if you paid by check or by credit card if you paid with credit card.

    • Q: What happens in case I have to cancel my vacation?

      A: Please inform us as soon as possible and if possible by e-mail. If the house is re-rented for the same days cancelled a prorated refund will be given. Should the renter cancel the contract the down payment will be forfeited. No refund will be given if property is not re-rented for the same days cancelled. Please note that we are a small operation renting without any exemption privately owned vacation rental homes. Because of our small size, cancelations affect us significantly and we cannot easily write off lost income from cancelations, as large hotels do. You as the renter, take responsibility of any loss due to your cancellation. To protect against the loss of your rental payments, travel insurance is strongly recommended.

    • Q: Do you offer any travel or health insurances to cover the risks due to Covid-19?
      A: Please note we are renting vacation homes on behalf of the owners only, for insurances you may look at
          We point out that we are not legally associated with any third party "linked" sites.
          All links in this website to others are provided for your convenience for your information only.
          We don't endorse and are not responsible for the content on those sites.

    • Q: What if we have additional guests joining us? May we add guests after the booking was done?

      A: As long as there will not be more guests in total than the amount of total guests mentioned on the website you please inform us about a contract amendment and the names and dates of births of the guests. In that case no additional charges apply. Should you add guests and the rental rate has to be changed, the handling charge for an amendment is USD 90 + 11.5% Tax (not per guest but per amendment).

    • Q: What is the down payment and when and how do I have to pay it and the remaining payment?

      A: The renter arranges the down payment within 1 week of initial reservation. The amount is 30% of the net rental rate, minimum is USD 850. Exemption is made for houses ## 08, 38 and 55, for which a down payment of 40% of the net rental rate is requested. Both the deposit and the payment of the balance due will be transferred 6 weeks ahead of arrival. Payments must be drawn on US funds. You pay by cashier’s checks if you are an American customer. You also may pay by wire transfer. Customers from other countries have to make a bank transfer. All transfer costs have to be paid by the renter.

    • Q: How do I pay?

      A: The easiest way is to pay by wire transfer or with cashiers / bank check which you usually get free of charge at your bank.
      The check has to be sent to our property manager in Cape Coral, not to Germany.

    • Q: May I pay by credit card?

      A: No, we are sorry. The credit card service provider are asking very high fees, which obviously our customers did not want to pay any longer. Due to this fact, we stopped accepting credit cards from 2020.

    • Q: Does the boat on the picture belong to the house?

      A: No, neither a boat nor a car or any other vehicles shown on the pictures belong to the rental. Sometimes bicycles or kajaks are in the house/garage and may be used on your own risk, there is no guarantee they will be there, even if mentioned on the website - same for fishing gear, beach chairs and umbrellas.

    • Q: Does the boat dock, boat lift and garage/s belong to the rental?

      A: Boat docks may be used by the renters for a rental boat if the boat is properly insured. Boat lifts are sometimes used privately and do not automatically belong to the house rental contract. Garages may be used if space is available. There is no right to claim the usage of the garage and we do not give any guarantee that the garage fits the size of your rental car. Owners might use some closets, the garage or part of it partially for private storage, e.g. for spare garden furniture.

    • Q: Are there gators in the canal and river?

      A: You have to expect in Florida always gators in the canals and the river. You do not see them often, but they might be /are there. As each property in Cape Coral has a seewall you do not have to be afraid that they get on the property.
    • Q: How much is the booking fee?

      A: You do not pay any booking fee if you book with us directly!

    • Q: How do I prevent myself from fraud - how do I know that the booking is safe and the house exists?

      A: We are in the vacation rental business meanwhile since 2005 and have an outstanding reputation on the vacation rental market. You can read a lot of reviews of houses we offer online.
      The easiest way to find out about the fact that you really are in contact with us, Heidi Strohschein and Juergen Kroeger is to call us and you may also ask us to call you. The phone number to dial from the US or Canada is 011492302 1712626 and from European countries you have to dial 0049 2302 1712626.
      Our US phone number is +1-239-628-6704. You may also contact the property manager who is located in Cape Coral since 1993.  Sigrid Speese, cell phone number 239-565-7717 will be glad to answer your questions and confirm we are entitled to rent the vacation houses advertised on this website.Scammers usually send phone numbers you cannot reach or you do not get any phone number to contact them.
      Please keep in mind we are based in Germany and usually are able to pick up the phone between 2 a.m. EST and 8 p.m. EST. We will call you  back the next day if you leave us a message with your phone number.
      Please note there are NO other authorized contacts but us in our agency. Should you get  contracts or e-mails from anyone else but us under the name of our  agency or the houses #, it is not from us and may be fraud.
      If you get a contract,  an e-mail or a call from anyone else, please contact us by phone or the e-mail mentioned before or under contact.
      All houses advertized on this website are licensed to be rented by us at Florida Department & Business Professional Regulation (DBPR), Tallahassee. - License No. DWE4605801.
      If you search the name Strohschein under HomeAway, VRBO or their German partner Fewo-Direkt you will find many of the houses we rent (and also the 3 which we own ourselves) and all with 5 star reviews.

      You can find under each house we offer on HomeAway, VRBO, Fewo-Direkt that we offer houses with them since 2006. May may call HomeAway, VRBO or their German partner Fewo-Direkt who will confirm that we have no influence on any reviews and who will confirm our business relationship with them since 2006.

      We are a Member of the Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce in Cape Coral - Customer ID 41324 and you may call and ask them about us.
      You can reach them under 239/549-6900 ext 109. They will confirm we are doing proper business.

      Cape Coral - Chamber of Commerce
      • Q: Should I get travel insurance?

        A: Please note that we are a small operation renting without any exemption privately owned vacation rental homes. Because of our small size, cancelations affect us significantly and we cannot easily write off lost income from cancelations, as large hotels do. You as the renter, take responsibility of any loss due to your cancellation. To protect against the loss of your rental payments, travel insurance is strongly recommended. You may buy travel insurance with different insurance companies.

        You can get travel insurance at IMG, Allianz and Generali and several other insurance companies you can google.
        For certain houses which we advertise under HomeAway/VRBO you might be able to get a package (we are not involved in HomeAways insurance packages and kindly ask you to contact them directly. You do not have to make the booking through HomeAway, you get extended warranties for the fees they are going to charge you. We have no influence and are not connected legally on any of the guarantees and customer service they offer. You just easily enter the object number the house has on HomeAway/VRBO. Those specific houses are marked with