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Vacation rentals in Cape Coral

Boat Rental

Bootsvermietung in Cape Coral - Bootsanmietung

If you would like to book a boat for your vacation we recommend to book it upfront before you head to Cape Coral. We will be glad to get you connected with a very good boat rental company we know since 2005. We have owned a boat rental company in Cape Coral from 5/2008 until 5/2018 - we do not rent boats any longer. The boat rental company we recommend gets the boat the your vacation rental home and picks it up when the rental period is over. The boating instructions are pretty detailed and they make sure you feel good operating the boat on your own. You may also book guided boat tours (half and full day) where you definitely not only see dolphins, but have them jumping in the waves of your boat - an unforgettable experience!!