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Bicycle in Cape Coral - Tips and Hints - Bike Rental

If you are interested in renting a bike as your vacation house in Cape Coral does not offer a bike or does not have the right one for you, if you need tips and hits regarding biking in Cape Coral, here you get some useful tips and hints.

In some of the vacation rental houses in Cape Coral you find bicycles you are allowed to use at your on risk. You are also asked to take care about flats or any other occuring technical things to keep the bikes in good shape that the following customer will able to use it as well. Please be ware that the property manager is not responsible for any bikes.

As we like some other owners also, do not offer any bikes in our vacation houses Caribbean Island Deluxe and Caribbean Island Grand Deluxe in Cape Coral (house no 5 and 6 on this website), we often are asked for the reasons and where to get a bike. The reasons iare easy explained: bicycles need maintenance and technical knowledge and have to be taken care of regularly. You cannot do it if you are out of town and you cannot do it right when aou are not an experienced technician. We also cannot offer the correct sized bike for all our guests as we are not owning a bicycle store. But as we are very experienced in making bicycles tours of in total about several thousand miles in the area of Cape Coral and needed some support ourselves and also had guests needing help, we found the right place for you. We found a store with a very nice owner, a good and experienced team, always eager to support you:

Paradise Bicycles
1712 Del Prado Blvd. South
Cape Coral, FL-33990
Tel: (239)-772-2453

Paradise Bicycles' team and the owner Jonathen Sharp, will be there for you. Whether you need a screw, an extra tube or help to get a flat fixed. Jonathen's British humor is getting the fact: "If the shit hits the fan, it is always good to know someone to dig you out."

Padadise Bicycles has a second store in Fort Meyers, even open on Sundays and next to it is

Go-Girl Cycling, a bike shop for women. Jonathens wife Lynne runs the store and offers a womens ride once a month.

9377 6 Mile Cypress Pkwy #135, Fort Myers, FL 33966, (239) 938-0060.

Go-Girl Cycling

If you do not find the right bicycle for you in the vacation rental house in Cape Coral, you can rent one at Jonathan's Paradise Bicycles If it is the case that you need a road bike, it is recommended to call before you get to the Cape to have the right size and bike organized upfront for you. Most of the rental bikes are in the Fort Myers store. Our guests are very pleased with their service and so are we.

Get a map of Cape Coral to Paradise Bicycles and they will show you the best routes. You might know that Cape Coral Florida's 4th largest city areawise, so it is hard to keep in mind the routes they are going to explain without having a map.

We highly recommend that if you are intending to bicycling in Cape Coral, to have a repair set with you or extra tubes and know how to handle a flat. or change of a tube. Especially on the road sides and intersecting roads you often have clams sand or even thin wires, coming from flat car tyres that you might find in your bicycles tyres or tubes after they caused a flat.

Pictures - all taken in and around the area of Cape Coral

Paradise Bicycles

Team of Paradise Bicycles

Pine Island

Alva Lock

Sharks in Matlacha

Woody's in St. James City


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