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Juergen Kroeger and Heidi Strohschein                      Contact address in the USA   
Pflugweg 99                                                            Juergen Kroeger and Heidi Strohschein       Juergen Kroeger and Heidi Strohschein          
58454 WITTEN                                                         P.O. Box 150340                                     2526 SE 22nd Ave                                                        
GERMANY                                                               Cape Coral, FL-33915                                Cape Coral, FL-33904      

Tel.: +49 2302 1712626                                          Phone +1-239-628-6704

German Phone from the US: 01149 2302 1712626      

Under 239-565-7717 you reach Sigrid Speese, property manager in Cape Coral since 1993!


If you have any doubts about offers and/or contract of houses you see on this website, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.
We are aware that not everyone can make oversea calls - we are glad to call you. if you wish to talk to us, just to check "we are real" or if there are any questions, drop us an e-mail with the best number to reach you and the best time frame and we will call you back. Please be aware that we are usually in Germany and 6 hours ahead Eastern Standard Time, i.e. the best time for us to call back is from early in the morning until 2 p.m. EST.

Please be aware: Heidi Strohschein and Jueren Kroeger are the only authorized contacts to sending offers or contracts regarding the houses offered from Heidi Strohschein and Juergen Kroeger. Sigrid Speese is the only authorized person to receiving phone calls and checks in our names.





Tax no. 348/5842/0740 - Company "Juergen Kroeger" registered at German authorities in Witten, Germany

All houses advertized on this website are licensed to be rented by us at Florida Department & Business Professional Regulation, Tallahassee under License # DWE4605801.

Payments: Paments can be made by cashiers check or credit card (Master Card and Visa Card) via Payeezy/First Data.

Please note: Juergen Kroger and Heidi Strohschein are the only authorized contacts and the only persons who sign contracts for the company Juergen Kroeger. The company is registered according to German law under the owner's name Juergen Kroeger and Heidi Strohschein. and are the domains of Heidi Strohschein and Juergen Kroeger.

                                              Member ID 41324Chamber of Commerce Cape Coral

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